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Thank you for visiting our website.
Here are some notes and instructions for ordering from outside of Japan.
Please read before you order.

1.Summary of Online Order


Search products → Order with “Order Form” → Check our stock and receive a confirmation of your order (Item's total price + Shipping cost) → Payment (Only by credit card) → Confirmation of payment → Shipping

NOTE : About payment
We only accept payment by credit card.
(Only VISA or NICOS or UFJ or MasterCard )
It becomes a procedure by Japanese version Nicos's WEB site.
We will send a e-mail including URL to webpage of settlement.
All sentences will be japanese, so please translate by some way.


2.Search products

 1. Click the name of the artist you are looking for from the list.

  Artist List

 ≪ Example ≫

 2. Displays a list of titles

Artist Item List Image
A Name of artist…
Title…. Click to show details
Type…. CD, DVD, VHS
Release date…
Condition… New(新品) or Used(中古)
Price… 在庫なし→empty
Quantity in stock… You can reserve if there is 0 availability in stock
Buy back… We do not buy from customers who reside outside of Japan.

 3. Click “Title/ Detail”

Please write down the product code when you order a product.

3.How to Order

 Choose the product from the list of artists,

 Write down necessary information on the “Order Form” and send.

 Please make sure the product code is correct before sending the order form.

Re e-mail  
Phone number  
Product code   Price   Amount  
Product code   Price   Amount  
Product code   Price   Amount  
Product code   Price   Amount  


 ○ We sell products online and in stores simultaneously,
    so sometimes the product you order may not be in stock.

 ○ Various writings about discount sales and campaigns that there is on our website
    are applied to only a domestic order. They are not applied to the overseas order.

 ○ We don't accept paypal, registered mail or something other than credit card.

 ○ We will not be responsible for the lost goods or damaged good in delivery.

 ○ The products will be sent by EMS mail after confirmation of payment.

 ○ If you have any question, please contact us. [ pureweb@puresound.co.jp ]

4.Shop Address


Pure Sound
Shinsaibashi West 363 Building 2F 2-10-34
Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku
Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0086


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